Slyfer2812 reveals epic cutscenes from Disney Pictures Movies.

Featuring Big Hero 6, The Lion King, Coco, Mulan, Finding Nemo, Bolt, Moana, Frozen, Tarzan, The Jungle Book e.t.c Slyfer brings to life what I will regard as the most beautiful edit I have ever seen onscreen.

In a Twitter post on the evening of August 14, 2020, the veteran artist Merwan popularly known as Slyfer2812 informed the audience of the release of the video.

With 320,000 plus subscribers on Youtube, Merwan(Slyfer2812) network is growing at incredible rates although this isn’t allien –coming from a bright artist. The veteran artist is currently working on another masterpiece from Blade Runner which he plans to title ‘Alive’. With a hundred, and fifty five(155) videos so far, Slyfer2812 has gained hundreds of millions of views on Youtube.

The genius edit was met with lotsa thumbs up from fans. Check out the fans reactions below

To roundup this post, you can check out the video below.

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