Recap from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro

While Maxwell Dillon, an electrical designer and lineman, was fixing an electrical cable, an oddity lightning mishap caused a mutagenic change that changed him into a living electrical capacitor. His forces were at first powerless, so he invested some energy taking electrical gear from Stark Industries to charge himself. During this time, he was drawn closer by Magneto, who thought of him as a likely enroll for his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, asserting that Dillon’s capacity equaled his own, yet Dillon cannot. The next day, Dillon was faced by a little league hooligan from whom he had been getting cash to pay for the hardware he had required. At the point when the hooligan took out a weapon on him since he had not repaid the cash yet, he reacted by shooting an impact of lightning through the hooligan’s chest—the first time Dillon ever murdered anyone. Before long taking the name “Electro”, he went to an existence of an expert lawbreaker, his first casualty being J. Jonah Jameson. Electro broke into the Daily Bugle Building and took from Jameson’s safe right before him. Jameson blamed Spider-Man for being a substitute personality of Electro, provoking Spider-Man to refute the distributer. During their first historically speaking showdown, Spider-Man was almost murdered in the wake of contacting the electrically charged lowlife. Spider-Man inevitably utilized a fire hose to hamper while wearing elastic gloves to ensure himself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electro can generate massive quantities of electricity, theoretically up to approximately one million volts. He can employ this electrostatic energy as lightning arcs from his fingertips.
  • When his body is charged to high levels, he becomes superhumanly strong and fast. He can also glide over power lines by using the electricity contained therein for propulsion, and he has on occasion been shown to actually ride on lightning bolts.
  • Electro can override any electrically powered device and manipulate it according to his mental commands.
  • By using an external electrical power source to recharge his body’s energy reserves, Electro could expend electricity indefinitely without diminishing his personal reserves. When he is fully charged, Electro is extremely sensitive to anything that may “short circuit” him, such as water.
  • Electro propels himself along magnetic lines of force in objects that have great electrical potential, such as high-tension electrical lines. He can also create electrostatic bridges to traverse upon, at the cost of a great expenditure of energy.

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