How to watch live and on-demand TV free on Samsung

Samsung TV Plus allows users to watch live and on-demand TV totally free from their Samsung smart TV.
To access Samsung TV Plus from a smart TV, simply turn on the TV and navigate to Samsung TV Plus using the app bar at the bottom of the screen. A channel will automatically begin playing, with the option to change the channel using the remote’s channel buttons. To view everything that’s currently on (and coming up), hit the guide button on a standard TV remote, or the CH button on a Samsung Smart Remote.

Samsung TV Plus Features

Samsung TV Plus currently has 135 channels, and the company plans to add more. These channels include sports, news, cooking, kids, drama, and more. Some of the channels, such as Bloomberg, can also be streamed in 4K. Currently, those who start watching something on a phone cannot seamlessly continue watching on their TV, although this feature might be added in the future. One potential downside is that those those don’t enjoy the service cannot remove it from a Samsung Smart TV. It is possible to remove channels from Samsung TV Plus, and when all channels are removed, nothing will play automatically when the TV is turned on. However, as new channels are added, they will continue to automatically play when the TV is activated, unless they are also individually removed.

How To Uninstall Apps On A Samsung Smart TV

Deleting unwanted apps from a Samsung smart television is an easy process and it frees up memory space for other more desirable smart TV apps.

Deleting apps from a smart TV is usually not a particularly difficult task and Samsung is no exception. If a Samsung smart TV has an unwanted app installed, it can be easily removed. First, the user must press the Home button on the remote to bring up the TV’s Home screen menu. The person will then select “Apps” from that screen and launch a new menu. In the apps menu, the smart TV owner will then choose the settings icon. After that, the user can uninstall any of the offending apps by simply navigating to one and then choosing “Delete.” The user then has to select “Delete” a second time to confirm the action.

Hiding Apps On A Samsung TV

Now, unfortunately not every app can be deleted in this way. In fact, certain ones, which Samsung calls, “recommended apps,” can’t be removed at all. However, there is a way to at least hide them from view so users aren’t bombarded by these unwanted apps every time they launch the Home screen menu on a Samsung TV.

To hide a recommended app, the user once again hits the Home button on the remote to launch the Home screen menu and then navigates to the app that needs to be hidden. This time, the user presses the down arrow to select “Remove.” Like with “Delete,” “Remove” has to be selected twice to confirm the app’s removal. While it’s technically still installed, the app will no longer clutter up the Home screen. Now, if the user doesn’t mind the app being on the Home screen, but just doesn’t like where it is appearing, the user can choose “Move” from the apps menu instead. Once selected, the user can then move the app to somewhere else on the Samsung smart TV’s Home screen.

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